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Development History

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Company History 2001-2015


March 2001           Foundation of an informal organization


June 2001             Foundation of early stage of  an international trade 


March 2004           Foundation of Chips Center Technology HK Co., Ltd. 


September 2004  Establishment of  an independent office in Hong Kong


2005                      Foundation of first overseas branch in Japan

                               Application of  self-developed ERP software


2006                      Foundation of overseas branch in the United States 


2007                      Movement of sales department to Wuhan

                               Establishment of management headquarters in Wuhan to achieve a

                               nested organization


2008                      Foundation of overseas branch in Germany 


2009                     Foundation of independent testing lab and providing testing services for 



2011                      Foundation of overseas branch in South Korea 


2012                      Development of domestic trading


2013–2014           Foundation of sales center, management centers, purchasing

                               centers and technology center


2015                      Foundation of domestic branch in Suzhou