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Valued Services and other Advantages

Issuing date:2016/08/12 Visiting Rate:1509

Solution for Components Shortage

Experienced experts will search more than 8000 suppliers of factory stocks and  distributors’ inventory in the world for shortage components.

Solution for Logistics

Logistics center is set up in Hongkong, and one-stop logsitics solution in 3~5days for customers in the USA is available.

Solution for Discontinued Components

We recommend substitute components for customers .

Solution for Delivery Delay

Global price analysis and comparison are made for customers to reduce the cost of customer. Products will be prepared on demand ahead of schedule to ensure the delivery time.

Solution for Technology Problems

Professional personnel is available for customers to give solution advice and to solve technical problems.

Quality Assurance of Bulk Components stocked by customers

A professional third-party testing laboratory is available to offer professional testing to verify the quality of the bulk components stocked by customers.