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Professional Testing

Issuing date:2016/08/12 Visiting Rate:2151

Strict quality inspection process is key approach for CHIPS Center’s quality control system. We must ensure each step in the quality control process is strictlycarried out. We have advanced detection process, professional testing equipments and most importantly, the experienced QCs, professional and reliable working attitude, to ensure that our customers could receive the best quality products.

Step 1 External visual Inspection
All the ICs will be visual inspected and with detailed inspection records.

  • Manufacturer, manufacturer part number, quantity, date of production and environmental testing standards
  • Packaging testing, packaging is intact / complete packaging material meets appropriate standards MSL
  • Screen (Marking) inspection, consistency checking, check the original specifications, documentation
  • Visual inspection of materials, dust conditions, whether deformed foot Pin, Pin feet for signs of oxidation
  • HS CODE test, if it is consistent with the invoice / packing list information



Step 2 Engineers Recheck
Every suspicious product during visual examination, or the peoduct which is not from the 1st tier supplier will be re-examined by engineers. Referring to the quality control database,  the manufacturer’s label / logo, code identification will be checked.

  • Recheck the visual inspection process
  • Referring to the quality control database, check the manufacturer’s label / logo, code identification
  • Barcode scanning detection
  • Check with the original factory-Lot (Lot No.), date of production, wafer / package corresponding origin
  • Simple electrical performance test



Step 3 Quality Test
Here the quality of the product will be tested.

  • Soldering test
  • D-CAP analysis
  • Anatomical analysis
  • Electrical properties  testing
  • Authoritative test analysis report