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  • Valued Services and other Advantages

    Valued Services and other Advantages

    Issuing date:2016/08/12Visiting Rate:1559

    Solution for Components Shortage Experienced experts will search more than 8000 suppliers of factory stocks and  distributors’ inventory in the world for shortage components. Solution for Log...

  • All-in-One Service

    All-in-One Service

    Issuing date:2016/08/12Visiting Rate:1635

    We improve our customers’ experience by appointing private service personnel for VIPs to offer exclusive and customized service. With over millions of products on list, we help customers accomplish...

  • Slow Moving Inventory Service

    Slow Moving Inventory Service

    Issuing date:2016/08/12Visiting Rate:1851

    CHIPS CENTER can make a detailed anaysis and assessment the inventory of customers’ slow moving inventory and help the customers disposal theirslow moving inventory at a  appropriate  price t...

  • Supply Chain Advantages

    Supply Chain Advantages

    Issuing date:2016/08/12Visiting Rate:1659

    Over 8, 000, 00 ICs inventory(commercial, industrial and military series available)   Wide applications including civil, industrial and military domains   Competitive price to meet custom...

  • Spot Supply Service

    Spot Supply Service

    Issuing date:2016/08/12Visiting Rate:2273

      Complying with ISO9001: 2000 international quality certification standard, CHIPS CENTER has strict supplier audit mechanisms and strict quality control of each products.   Providing “7-...